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Robb Maunoury

Robb Maunoury was tragically killed on 16th June 2006, alongside his friend Sam Taylor, in a horrific car crash on the A435 Cirencester Road near Lilleybrook Golf Club in Cheltenham,

It is always sad when a young life is taken. The impact on the young in the community and the community in general is both profound and heart-rending.

The following was written by Robb’s mother Kim.

Robb was born on the 12th November 1987, the youngest of three much loved sons. He went to St David’s School, Moreton-in-Marsh and then on to Chipping Campden School. He passed his GCSE’s and was staying on to study at A-Level. His predicted results indicated that he would have passed and gone onto De Montfort University, Leicester to study music & media.

Robb was born with six toes on one foot; this made him unique from the very start. He was a loving & affectionate son. We used to have family hugs (Robb, my husband & myself), easy when he was 10 but at 18 & towering over us, with his long hair in our faces, not quite as easy. He worked at Budgens 2 nights a week and all day Sunday. He saved his money to buy anything to do with music, be it CD’s, Amps, Tuners, Strings, anything!!

Music was his greatest passion, he was never without his personal CD player & then of course his beloved MP3. He imported his most precious possession, his guitar, from the USA. It came but was the wrong colour so back it had to go; finally they got it right. Robb spent many, many hours on his guitar & he taught much of it himself with help from his best mate Dan. Robb’s taste in music was perhaps different from his friends but he was willing to listen to anything. He bought dozens of CD’s off E-Bay just to see what they were like.

His tastes to begin with were Eminem, Travis etc but quickly moved onto Slipknot, Korn, Panthera, Stone Sour, Murder Dolls & then on to Less Than Jake, Million Dead, Biffy Cyro. He often went to gigs at Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading etc and always came home full of what happened. He often came home with drumsticks, some broken but always treasured.

Robb was always, when younger, a Manchester United fan, but he grew out of football & just lived for his music. Which is why my husband & sons wish to fundraise in his memory; to keep his spirit alive. It is so sad that Robb didn’t know how many friends he really had but at least we know that he knew that he was loved by us all.


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