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George Harrison


"Tonight we are gathered here in memory of George Harrison, a true son of Liverpool, whose music reached out to the whole world and shaped a generation. George was a truly gifted musician. But he was much more than that. His ideals and his love of peace inspired countless thousands. His loss will be deeply felt but his vision will live on. When George wrote the words for "My Sweet Lord" you get the feeling that it was more than a song - it was a genuine prayer. George was a person who seemed to have achieved his own inner peace and I'm sure, if he was able to ask for a lasting memorial it would be for everyone to pray for lasting peace for the whole world. Tonight's tribute has been spiritual and moving - in keeping with the spirit of the man. It has been very simple, for George was never one for pomp and circumstance. Earlier on I was joined by the children from George's former school, Dovedale primary, in planting a sturdy English oak in the grounds of the Peace Garden in St John's Garden behind us here. As it grows over the years it's branches will reach out towards the tree we planted last year in memory of John Lennon. The city of Liverpool has lost two of its brightest stars - but we shall forever be grateful for the music and the memories which The Beatles gave us. I will shortly ask you to take part in a minute's silence and meditation. After that there will be an opportunity to sign the books of condolences which are in St George's Hall. Now if we can all join together in a minute's silence."

Statement from Councillor Gerry Scott, Lord Mayor of Liverpool, before the planting of a 'tree of life' in the city's Peace Garden, behind St George's Hall, Liverpool. The tree was planted by children from George Harrison's old school - Dovedale Junior School.

Firstly, I would like to thank the pupils from George Harrison's former schooI, Dovedale Primary for joining us here tonight. They are here today to help us plant this English Oak tree in memory of George and it is very appropriate that we should do so. George had an interest in horticulture and gardening. He made a significant donation to the Palm House in Sefton Park for example. And it is appropriate that we should plant this tree near to one that was planted in memory of John Lennon. It is, perhaps, not too fanciful to think that over the years their branches reach out towards each other. And George's tree is also between an Indian bean tree and the Tree of Heaven - given George's interest in India and spiritual matters I am sure would agree that this is a very fine place for a permanent memorial to him. And as it grows over the years our memories of George will live on. So, it is in memory of George Harrison that we now dedicate this tree to him.


The tree is a Fastigiate (columnar habit) English Oak (Quercus robur 'Fastigiata Koster').

The following are extracts from the Book of Condolence placed at St George's Hall, Liverpool following the death of George Harrison. For the sake of anonymity we have not published full names. Some messages have been left with no name.


You made a difference.You made the people happy.



One of the famous lads of the 'swinging sixties'. I was a Cavern stomper then, what a place, what a time and what a place to dance. My friends and I spent our teenage years there. Thank you, George, for the music. Here comes the sun and your sweet lord. Love & Peace


  Always my mum's favourite
This is for her You will be missed but the music
You for made was, and still is
Making our city and our world a beautiful place



Dear God. Here comes a 'Son'. Look after him



Reunited with John, Stuart & Mal



With John now. Miss you always

Janette & Joan


Rest in peace. You were a good man who was just too good for this world.



Forever remembered



You bought light into the hearts of so many, not just because of your music, but as a person. You will be missed throughout the world. The world has lost one of the best musicians of all time



To one of the lads who shook the world



A sad loss of a kind man and a musician who changed the world



My Sweet Lord. Many thanks for the life & works of George Harrison, the youngest Beatle. Rock on George. Love always



Guitars across the world are weeping today but so are we. The burden of fame is lifted but the songs remain. All things must pass. Hare Krishna



You know how to get where you're going…..turn left at Greenland! Good luck on your journey. It's only just begun


  Your beautiful music and spirit
will live on forever.
You inspired me and many others
To play guitar in the 1960's and
You will continue to inspire
Millions more in years to come
God bless you



Your music taught the world of God's love & peace.
The music has helped me through the hard times in my life.
You've given so much to all of us.
It's amazing how one man can make a difference to so many lives,
All over the world.

  A gentleman who was a credit
To the home town.
Will be remembered with love


  As time goes on and we mourn your death,
we must not forget the impact your music and
your trail of thought.
It would do us all a great deal of good to follow your guidance



You will live on through your music, forever


  Goodbye for now to a wonderful musician.
Thank you for your music.
We look forward to hearing it again in the promised
Resurrection (Rev 21: 3, 4)

Clayton & Lana


Nothing gone. Still exist



Bye, sweet George

John, Bootle


Thank you Gentle George for giving us so much



We came to Liverpool for the first time on the day you died,
after loving you for all those years.
The world has lost a wonderful musician.
Rest in peace

Angela & Michael


George Harrison - a great loss for Liverpool



You're the man.



A new star in the sky on 29th November 2001


Help us if you can, we're feeling down.
We did appreciate you being around!
Once remembered - never forgotten


Sri Krishna says in Bhagavadgita

" There was never a time when it did not exist, nor you.
Nor, will there be any future when we will cease to be."

Thank you for the music,
the songs your singing.
Thanks for all the joy your bringing.
Who can live without it,
I ask in all honesty.
What a song, a dance, melody?
So I say,
Thank you for the music,
For giving it to me


We never met but I love you so much



Always remembered from the days of the Lower Ballroom and the Grosvenor Ballroom


Even those not of your generation have been inspired by you originality and love of the moment.
Thank you for everything you have given.
You will be in our thoughts of many for years to come.
Your music is your legend


  You were a beautiful spirit
Shine on wherever you are


  My mother died of cancer this week: 81
She lived on a smaller stage
But had much in common.
Goodbye & thank you.

You built this City on Rock 'n' Roll



Safe journey



My mum thought you were the best of the bunch!



You were an inspiration to us all!!


There goes the Sun. Shalom



"Sunrise doesn't last all morning - a cloudburst doesn't last all day".



May the good lord hold you in the palm of his hand



The clouds have gone now
Here Comes The Sun

The Johnsons


Forever Within You, Without You


You have changed lives


You and your three helpers introduced me to myself


Hope you have found the "Something" you were looking for!



You lived for love
You died amongst love
Where you are is love

Music is an international language and, George, you
had the gift to speak to the world.
Thank you for sharing it

God bless you, George
You were a selfless person
who put everyone first.


Simply unforgettable



NOS DA GEORGE. Your light may have gone out but your spirit lives on.


  Good Night
God Bless



Hopefully your dream of world peace will be realised - soon



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