Jacob's Ladder: People...You Are The Reason I Am...

Edith Cobbett

My mother was born in Glasgow at Easter 1911 and died on a street in Kew and again in hospital just after Easter 1997.She was a lifelong socialist and campaigner, and had a career in film. Her origins in Glasgow gave her insight into the working class struggle and a tremendous fighting spirit. Her last great campaign was for the recovery of her granddaughter, Jo, from the scourge of brain injury.

I feel that even though we cannot know that Heaven exists, there is one sense in which it really does. Death transforms negative impressions and feelings, leaving only the good that a person did during their life. My mother is in Heaven, where only her love, courage and humour matter. Springtime brings back to me her youthfulness, her enthusiasm, her faultless taste and the strength of her loyalties and convictions. "Wha's like us? Damn few, and they're all dead".

Please be in contact, brother and sister. Your silence about Edith saddens me very deeply.


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