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Ben Hollioake

A service Of thanksgiving for Ben Hollioake was held at Southwark Catherdral on Monday 15th July 2002. Thank you to all who have taken the time & trouble to write about Ben. Our special thanks to Surrey County Cricket Club, Cricinfo & the BBC. The following are just a few of the thousands of messages left for Ben Hollioake following his death, in Perth, Australia on Saturday March 23rd. For the sake of anonymity we have only published first names. We will be happy to give full names if requested by the writer. Messages have been posted as written. Some messages may contain, grammatical or spelling errors.

Ben will be greatly missed by everyone. He will never be forgotten, and I offer my deepest sympathy to family, friends, and anyone else for whom this is a painful time.
What a guy he was.

R.I.P Ben, long may we remember your service to Surrey and England. Jimmi

I am stunned by the tragic loss of one of England crickets greatest hopes for it's future.

Ben Hollioake always played cricket in the correct manner, with a smile on his face, and I would like to pass on my condolences to his family and friends.

His potential was never fulfilled and the talent never fully unleashed, but never-the-less, my most memorable moment of Ben was the 53 he made against Pakistan amidst the Great Escape tune which had hardly stopped before it started again.

Condolences to all who knew him.

Ben was a bright young talent who had a very promising future ahead of him with England and Surrey. A sad loss of a person and a sportsman.

English Cricket will never forget you...
Brian from Durham

He was a true competitor and a pleasure to watch. He made the game look so easy when he was 'on song'. He will be missed by many. David, Notts C.C.

As I write Michael Holding is grieving in the studios of KLASS FM in Kingston, Jamaica. He sends his condolences to the bereaved family of his good friend.

Sad to see one so young and from all reports, jovial and talented, go so early, but God always knows best - no matter how hard it seems.

Sad news dudes. He woz wot cricket needed; a geezer. xc=]=-

May GOD bless your soul and may you remain in our hearts as the example of the blessed cricketing talent in English youth, and may you become the hero that every Englishmen will look up to for many coming generations. I salute you. Jawad

My heart goes out to the Hollioake family and the entire England squad. It's such a tragedy. He was a great player and I'm glad that I got to see him play over here in Australia in 1999. Please accept my condolences. Jacqui

great person, great cricket, great shame! our thoughts are with him and his family Jonathan

One memory of Ben I will always remember is the one from the one day match against India at Chennai. He had batted well with Jeremy Snape to rescue England but the Chennai heat had completely dehydrated him. He had bowled 3 overs, perspiration dripping all over his body, but Nasser Hussain didn't have to coax him too much to bowl one more. He fought through and gave every inch he possibly could for England that day.

We all will miss Ben Hollioake and let us pray his family can find that same strength in this very difficult time for them. My condolences to Ben's family and close friends and cricket lovers everywhere.

As an England supporter, I am deeply shocked by the death of a very promising young cricketer. He had a successful cricket career ahead of him with Surrey and England, who would have been in the world cup squad. I think everyone who has watched him play would have been shaken to see a youthful cricketer to leave us so early in his career.

Thank you Ben for being a great person on and off the field. We will all miss you deeply

What a terrible waste Kate

A tragic loss for cricket and for his family. A sad way to end an innings. Trevor

I went to Headingley during the 2001 season to watch an England v Pakistan one-dayer. England crumbled, but the one player who stood out and gave the score a small bit of respect was Ben Hollioake. He was a class act and it's a great shock that he's gone at such a young age. I'm sure he has already inspired many kids to take up the game and over the years he has certainly made his mark on the game. I remember him giving an interview on TV last year. I believe it was just before a Surrey cup match against Gloucestershire. I wonder what he would have thought back then if he was told that he wouldn't be alive in a years time. A great cricketer who will be very much missed by all. A sad loss. Mark

Ben's innings at Lord's in 1997 was so cool, so convincing against the mighty Australians that it was and shall remain unforgettable - equally his 98 in the B&H Cup Final... A cricketer who deserved to play many more tests and ODIs and who would surely have graced the highest stage for many years, cruelly taken from us. One can only imagine what his family must be feeling, and they have my deepest sympathy. Mathew

May God bless his Soul. Vish

I know this won't mean much, being a kiwi and all, but I feel for all concerned in these trying times.
I was lucky enough to meet up with Ben in their recent one dayer at carisbrook and he really was a lovely lad.

In memory of Ben: Cygnet House Boarder, Wesley College, South Perth, 1993-1994. A talented ball player, with undoubted self-belief. A tragedy that he was taken so young. Nigel

What a tragedy. Ben's approach to the game was exciting and I'll never forget the games when he took on Australia as a raw 19 year old. I'm sure that we would have seen more from him on the domestic and international stage. After going through the problems that so many young English players experience, he seemed to be on an upward curve again. Condolences to Adam and the rest of his family. Neil

I was privileged enough to see Ben Hollioake on Test debut in the 1997 Ashes match at Trent Bridge. He was simply the most elegant English bat I had seen since David Gower. Ease, time to see the ball and time the stroke and a certain presence at the crease marked him out as a young man to watch. He may not have fulfilled all his early promise but there was more to come and English cricket has lost a very talented young man. Paul

It is always a tragedy when one so young loses his life. My condolences go to the family. Rhys

An exciting cricketer, with a superb eye for the ball. A nice guy, who was kind to me as a youngster when asking for autographs, which impressed me. A sad, sad loss. Tom

Such a talent somewhat unrealised. Charismatic, laid back, unpredictable. We will miss you, thank you for bringing some hope to English cricket. xx Elinor


I might be an Australian but I'm into my cricket. When I first heard I was devastated. I couldn't believe that someone so talented as Ben Hollioake could die overnight. This is a sad moment for those that knew him, Fans, Family, Team mates, and Friends. Sara

I was shocked and very much saddened to read that Ben Hollioake had been killed at the age of 24.
I can remember watching him play against Australia and thinking that he had a big future ahead of him in the international cricketing arena.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, especially older brother Adam and the members of the English and Surrey cricket teams.
I'm sure he will be smiling that cheeky grin down on all of us from Heaven....RIP Ben

My condolences to the Hollioake family. I played a season with him for Malden Wanderers in '96 and enjoyed every minute playing along side such a top bloke as Ben. Rest in peace. The game is worse off without you. Damian

I am totally stunned and saddened at the death of Ben Hollioake. It is an absolute tragedy and such a waste of a young person's life. My thoughts are with his brother Adam and everyone else affected by this disaster. I am a Somerset fan and I was fortunate enough to meet Ben at Taunton last season, he was so friendly and was readily happy to sign autographs for fans. I feel as if a big piece of English cricket is missing, a tragic loss for Surrey and England but most of all for his family and friends. Ben 1977-2002. Dan

I'm sorry to hear this news. Apart from cricket he was a part of humanity. May his soul rest in peace. fatima

My condolences to the Hollioake family at such a tragic loss. I saw Ben play many a time, and some of his earliest appearances at Edgbaston were particularly memorable. A lovely young man to boot. A sad loss to the great game, and a promising career cut very short. Gaynor

I was fortunate enough to play with Ben for a couple of seasons at Wesley College and also at South Perth CC. He was a champion player and a champion person. My sincere condolences go to his family and friends. James

The world and cricket has lost a gem. This is indeed sad and untimely. But in your short career you have acheived what others have take longer to achieve. You'll always be in our hearts Karthik

As a Surrey, England, but most importantly, as a cricket fan I am deeply shocked at the death of such an exciting young player. Ben's smile could light up the room and he rarely seemed to be without his cheeky grin. The last time I saw Ben was at the Oval when, waiting to bat, he was chatting to the others, reading a paper and attempting to play keepy-up with a cricket ball. He will be sorely missed this season. My thoughts are with all his family - John, Daria, Adam and Eboni - as well as with his friends and team-mates who have lost a great guy. Also, let us all hope that his girlfriend recovers from her injuries quickly. Laura

Truly awful and unbelievable. I won't forget his assault on the Aussies in 1997 at Lord's. I recall his cheeky smile as he hit Glenn McGrath around the park. He suffered from being dubbed a future Ian Botham, but the future was already bright. I think of his mum, dad and Adam, and pause to reflect on how valuable life is. Pankaj


I had the pleasure, last summer, of working at the County Ground in Bristol during the international against Australia and as a result had the opportunity to meet both English and Australian squads. Of all the players, Ben Hollioake possibly made the biggest impression on me with his very ready smile and pleasant words. Unfortunately, as a result of working I didn't get to see him bat and that is something I now very much regret. My thoughts and prayers go to his family. chel

If ever there was a tragedy in the cricket world, this would be right at the top. Being a young keen cricketer myself, the news was both shocking and evoked strong sentiments on how precious every second of life is. I had seen Ben play in many county games, and was always inspiring to see the fresh and youthful spirit he brought to the game. It was encouraging to other youngsters, like myself, to see someone just a few years senior to me doing so well for their county and country, especially when given the opportunity to play in pressure situations against great cricketers. My deepest regrets to his family and friends, and all who enjoyed his cricket. God bless you Ben. Ashish

This has been one of the most shocking news I have recieved after the death of Aryton Senna in 1994. International Cricket cannot afford to lose such young, talented and fantastic guys. It was his nagging slow seamers that mesmerised me all the time. There are a lot of slow seam bowlers around the world but Ben was a class apart. Cricket fans all around the world will miss him. Adarsh

I just dont have any words . I am just extremely shocked. its just unbelievable . when i opened the website today and checked the news i just coulnt believe it . i mean how can this happen. I saw him bat in the BnH final when he played a gr8 inings . he was also very friendly AND cheerful in the park. i express the deepest sorrows for his family i mean i am just schocked , how can this happen to anyone. its cruel but its a part of life which will remain for ever !!! Adnan

He has played only two test matches and 20 one day games BUT it looks he achieved what other plyers may not achieve by playing in 100 games.Short career but extremely impressive and popular.England will have to wait long to find another Ben Hollioake. amjad

comments: may allah rest his soul in heaven i hav met ben in hong kong at the 1998 sixes and found him a great guy any one can meet,
we talk and he just was so much nice that we hav been friends for long but i just hav met him there ,
i feel so deeply saddened with the news that he hav passed away.i just don't want to believe it but that's what hav happened which shouldn't hav other wise. allah knows better then we do.
my thoughts goes with his family. i hav just lost my dear friend.
ben u r allways in my thoughts.

What a guy. Ben Hollioake was not just an immensely talented cricketer, but also somebody who could make county cricket club members smile. His one day innings at Lords' will stand out, last years Benson and Hedges trophy and all our other memories of Ben. Nasser Hussain and Nick Knight spoke volumes of Ben, so will everyone else. Andrew

I am very shocked. Sorry I can't continue..... Kamalaharan

I am from Pakistan, and have the honour to play against Ben in Dec 1997 in Pakistan when England U 19 was on the tour of Pakistan. I am exteremly shocked to hear that and still i am hoping that some one will let us know that it was not him, it was some one else who was killed in the crash. Its really an unbearable loss not only to his family and friends but to English cricket as well. He was a fierce conpetitor, fighter and wounderfully talented cricketer and more importantly a real gentleman on and off the field. On the behalf of all the Pakistani people and cricket lovers i would like condole to his family, friends and all the English poeple and may Allah that gives us the courage and patience to bear this loss. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Muhammad

cricketers are like artists who never dies,they are always with us through their art work so does BEN,
may his soul rest in peace

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Ben O Lord, May Your Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him And May His Soul Rest In Peace. Amen. Anthony

this has brought tears 2 my eyes.... grant

I guess god can never be away for long from some of his best creations. May your soul rest in peace, Ben. Natarajan

I'm a Kiwi, I was watching the 2nd test series vs. England and I was real happy about our performance, then it said that Ben had died. I don't really know who he is but i felt so sad, obviously from what I have read he was a great cricketer. When there was a lunch break, afterwards the English players all came out wearing black armbands. I'm really sad and i hope his family and friends are coping. I can also tell you that the NZ players and New Zealand cricket fans, like me, will be saddened by this loss. R.I.P, Ben.

A flower in bloom was placed today into the hands of God. May he rest in peace. My deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones.  

Ben Hollioake was a fantastic young talent for the England cricket team. Although I am just 12 years old and a Pakistani, I am a big fan of Cricket. That is why I even made my email address starting with the word CRICKET. This terrible news has caused a great change in England's cricket. His family and friends need great strength to overcome this tragedy. So, God bless him. May he rest in peace. Good-bye and have faith. Wajih

As an avid cricket fan and a NSW police crash investigator I have always dread the day the two would cross paths. Hearing about the loss of Ben Hollioake deeply saddened me. My heartfelt sympathies go out to the Hollioake family, his friends, teammates and all cricketers who will be affected by this loss. Alex

Not many english cricketers would take you away from a sunny day in the garden listening to test match special indoors to watch it on the box, Botham, Hick, Gower, and now Flintoff, but Ben Hollioake was one such person. Will be sadly missed by all cricket lovers worldwide. Ian

I shall never forget when I momentarily met Ben at The Oval when Surrey were playing Derbyshire. The players were coming in for lunch and myself and my sister were waiting for autographs. Ben had just taken an excellent 4-36 opening the bowling with Martin Bicknell, helping dismiss Derbyshire for 139. "Well bowled", I said to him, offering my pen and miniature bat for him to sign. He turned, looked me in the eye and, with a warm smile, said "cheers mate", took my pen, signed the bat, patted me on the shoulder, smiled again, and walked into lunch. Four years on I can hardly believe that he is gone - like a blown out candle. He was a fine role-model to many youngsters, certainly was to me, and much admired. My deepest sympathies go to his family and teammates. This is a deeply upsetting time for many, and a devastating loss for English cricket, just as he was finding his footing. He shall be dearly missed, God bless. Benjamin Caine Hollioake; 1977-2002. Nicholas

Ben - we love you DARREN

We are all very stunned and sad that Ben has left us. He was growing into a classic player. He was cheerful to both the press and the crowd. English cricket has lost a legend but his family and friends have lost more. To them should go our thoughts and prayers. I think right now in heaven, Ben will be grabbing a bat and will be strolling out for another great innings, with that cheeky grin we loved so much. Rest in peace and god bless. David

A tragedy indeed. The Almighty seems to make a habit of prematurely ending great talent....last year it was Trevor Madondo....now the talented English allrounder Ben Hollioake...and just at a time when he was growing in stature and England needed him for the World Cup. I wholeheartedly share the sorrows and offer my condolences to the Hollioake family, the fans and the Barmy Army. Ben, may your soul rest in peace. Deepak, India

It hurts.. to see someone die so young.. and somone so talented dingi

Oh God !
England have lost their Tendulkar.

To The Hollioake Family:
As a lover of cricket and an admirer of cricketers, I extend my condolences to your son, brother, nephew, uncle and whatever else He could have been to make your family that already wonderful unit of all Human Family. I've lost members of my own family, and I can comprehend your feelings , especially as Ben has just departed. I know though, that some of the sad feelings will erase itself as time goes by.
Eric, Bronx, New York

Great Cricketers Don't Die, They Live In Our Hearts!
May God Bless Every One

The cricket world always mourns the loss of any player and with Ben it is no different.I am from Guyana and follow international cricket extensively.Ben's assault in 1997 against his Aussie comrades in the Ashes will be remembered as his best.
My deepest sympathies to his relatives.

truly his talent was very special ..i hope he has some one to carry onthe legacy of his fine style of playing cricket....i always l;oved to watch him play...its really hard to beleve that a flower has been robed of its oots even before it blossomed maturely

It is always a sad thing to lose such potential in the prime of life. There is no doubt that he would have been a cricket super star. To the England team my prayers are with you. To you his family I pledge to be in prayer for you daily for the next month. I am praying that God will strengthen you and give y ou answers for the many questions that you may have. I love you. Rev. Wayne

I saw Ben playing cricket first time at Lord's in 1997 against Australia making 63 valuable runs. He gave a great impression. I thought about him as very talented, fast-paced, and hard-working guy. This certainly is a great loss for England and he will be missed for quite a while. I offer my deepest sincerety and sympathy to his family. Ben's death has a very important message for all of us and that is, the death can come any time and we will not be permitted to do what we suppose to do here afterwards although many many people will want to go back to this world to be on straight path but won't work. So we all should be ready for that. May our creator have mercy on us making us doing the right things before it is too late as happened to pharoah as he believed on truth finally when he was drowning but useless. Hussain, Pakistan.

I'm absolutely stunned. My deepest sympathies go towards Ben's family. It seems so wrong - I can remember watching him play only last summer. There was all this talk about him being fresh, young, raw (in a good way) and full of potential. I thought I was going to see this lad play cricket for many more years to come.
To have anyone die so young must be devastating. What must make it even worst for everyone who knew Ben was that they knew he was so full of promise.
May God let his soul rest in peace and give his family strength through this hardship. Let us take a moment to remember him from a selfish perspective, but also understand that God has his ways. My prayers go out for Ben, and my condolences to his family and friends.
Imad (19)

Our game is poorer for this tragic accident. Deepest deepest sympathies from a Yorkshireman Sam

I only saw Ben play in the flesh once (and he managed to bag a 3rd ball duck!) However, I believe his apparent loss of form over his last few seasons was simply down to the incredibly high standards he set himself as a 19 year old. I am truly stunned and deeply saddened by his untimely death. He will be sorely missed for a long time to come. James

It is very hard to think that as I ride the tube to Oval station it will not be with that prick of hope that I will see that latest of late cuts, the lazy swing that paradoxically preceded the most rapid transfer of ball from pitch to Pavillion, the almost balletic fielding at point or gully, and over of bewildering varieties leaving a batsman wondering what was happening. Go to the Oval I still shall, and enjoy the game as he always seemed to I certainly expect to do, but there will be a very special something missing, a promise of cricket played for crickets sake by a guy who looked like winning meant everything, but only as long as the game was a game and played with the utmost enjoyment. I never saw him question a decision, however outrageous it appeared, he never complained about fielding at deep long leg while catches he would have eaten were spilled close to the stumps. All round a great bloke to watch and a great big hole in Surrey and England cricket. We will miss you Ben and we all extend all our sympathy to your family and friends, they can never replace you. Jeff Green

Not the next Ian Botham, the first Ben Hollioake. Played the game the way it should be played. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends J.

When i first saw the headlines i was struck with shock. Its like there is one less cricketer on this earth. And it feels weird. I am really sorry for him and his family, as they have always been great idols of mine. May he rest in Peace. krkode

Today at 2.30pm my heart sank and tears felt like they wanted to flow from my eyes.. Ben hollioake dies in car crash was the headline!! a cricketer not known by many austalians of his talents. But the talent was seen in my eyes the day he made his debut against the aussies. A cricketer i saw with a talent and a man i had grown to admirer through all his dedication. I have found it to be a hard day so far and tonight as i go to sleep he will be in my memory. i will always think of him for the cricketer he was going to be and as one of the gretest man cricket has been able to lay there eyes on even thought it was for only a short time. through all of this i feel for the family and all of the people who new him. they are going to be the saddest of all and i wish all of them the best and all of my condolanses go out to them. After reading through all of the articals from the net, i now have 2 cricketers who i admire most of all. nasser huissan and stephen fleming.. Huissan for his great comments on a trully great man. and stephen flemming for his words on the great man and his decency to go up to nasser huissan and the england team during the lunch break to say his sorrys on the news of ben hollioake. They trully are great man for there actions. and after reading the things they had said put a tear in my eye, not only because i was sad but because he was admired by so many people.
Ben hollioake
May you rest in peace, my thoughts are with you. My thoughts will always be with you for you were a great man with a great talent and a man i looked up to.
still one of your greatest cricket fans, even though you are gone!!

I remember Ben's Test debut with his brother Adam and the great hopes that they would become England's version of the Waugh brothers. What a tragic loss of a young and talented athlete. My heartfelt sympathies to his family, friends and team mates. Gone to God. Lorrie

If a man you never knew dies and you're feeling bad, he must be someone special. Danny

Ben was a very talented professional. He was a role model and while our condolences are with Ben's family may I also say let our thoughts be with the family of Grahame Kersey who died in similar circumstances. Lets remember these two great cricketers and never let their spirits go. Marc

A great lad that will be sorely missed by all of us that knew him. You where a lot of fun to be around, and you where one of the most outstanding talents in most sports i had ever seen. My deepst sympathy go out to Mr & Mrs Hollioake and Adam. Also to his girlfriend Janaya and to his best mate Peter Waite. From all the boys in Perth you used to hang with. We hope you rest in peace bro. Matt

Ben Hollioake's batting ability has often left me speechless with amazement, but last night as Paul Allot announced the terrible news of his death, I was speechless in another way. I never saw Ben Hollioake play, except on TV and on Video, but his maturity with a bat in his hand against some of the world's greatest bowlers is something that has impressed me ever since his debut. I am a Hampshire member, this has given me cause to curse this most excellent of cricketers, but most of all I am a Cricket fan, and he will be sadly missed. I plan to go to the Oval during the summer for Surrey v Hampshire, somehow though this trip won't quite be the same. Matthew

A devastating loss. Ben was a cricketer who gave his all for England and wore the Lions with Pride. At 23 he was still a future prospect of the English cricketing setup. One could see the immense talent of the man in the 97 Texaco trophy series at just 19. One can only ponder the exciting career he would of had for England with time still on his side and if guys like Rodney Marsh had had a chance to work with him. I have no doubt that with the right guidance he would of gone on to have a long Career for England, as he was definitle in the England setups plans for the future being announced for the world cup squad.
My heart goes out to the Hollioake family Adam, and Parents. He will forever remain in our hearts!
- An Englishman in Australia

My thoughts are with Ben's family and his teammates and friends..What a sad day! I'm sure I'll be speaking on behalf of all the Dutch cricket fans. We're all stunned. So long , you'll be missed. Martijn

Its a tragic loss to english cricket as he was one of the main players that the youth of cricket looked up to,he was one of the people that inspired me to play cricket. ill always remember his gesture to camera from the balcony at the Day-night match at Kent last year. Mike

I never got to meet you in real life, but I have always been a great admirer. Your enthusiasm will be sorely missed. My thoughts are with your friends and family. Morten

I am deeply saddened to hear of the tragic loss of Ben Hollioake. He was a truly gifted individual, who had the misfortune to be cut off in his prime. I saw him rise at Surrey when I was still in England, to where I have been able to monitor his progress from where I am based now in Queensland. He played the game the way it should have been, and was a great crowd favourite because of this. A gifted all-rounder who will leave a large void in the game. My deepest condolences go out to his family. Mark

I was watching BBC news last evening and all of a sudden, I heard the news of car crashing.. At first, I couldn't belive what I was hearing.I was absolutely devastated and shocked.Such a talented and promising young player like Ben Hollioake..... how could he leave us so early? I always used dream of Hollioake Brothers contributing to the English cricket team like famous Waugh Brothers.Cricket world has lost a precious flower from its garden. Mohi

We'll never know how good Ben could have been. Such a shocking waste that I can't really believe has happened. Condolences to the Hollioake Family. Come on England, win this series for Ben. Tracey

My sympathies to Adam & the rest of the Hollioake family.I know what it is like to lose someone & I hope that it will give them a little comfort to know that we all share in their grief & loss. Sincerely, Nanda from Guyana

There can be no words to express the sheer sadness that this tragedy has brought upon the entire cricketing fraternity.
It is always a tragedy when someone loses their life, especially someone so young with so much promise...
However, few could argue that, on his day Ben's unstoppable aggression with the bat was a joy to watch, his attacking strokeplay - a treat to the eye...
We will miss you Ben...
May Our Father, who art in Heaven embrace your soul and give you pure gentle peace for evergreen eternity...

I am really upset!!!!!!
Cricket world lost a star.

Its hard not to get cynical in times like this when an obviously talented lad is snatched away by such enormous tragedy. Its pointless, really. And its so, so unfair. Adieu, Ben. Cricketer or no cricketer, you deserved more. And thanks for all the entertainment. Raj

What a way to lose such a talented human being. Cricket will and should mourn a great deal because of the loss of such an entertaining character, which excelled in every part of the game (and of what I've heard also in the "fifth inning") Robin
Ben Hollioake, for all the excitement and pleasure you brought to every cricketing fan while on the field, for the humility with which you conducted yourself off it, for the light you brought into the lives of those close to you, thank you. An immense cricketing talent has been taken from the world far too early. My condolences to the Hollioake family and to cricket lovers everywhere. Rest in peace Ben. Rithvik

I cried as I read the messages published. I know it is difficult to find space to show all the messages submitted but I hope you will be able to put them somewhere so we can all share the sentiments of those who care enough to write something. I look at my two cricketing sons and can only begin to imagine the pain their family feel. I hope his family will take some comfort from the messages written and realise that so many people care and just what a very special person they nurtured. He gave our family much pleasure and may he rest in peace. Sarah
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this tragic time.
'Grief is the price we pay for love'
Queen Elizabeth II

Being a West Indian, I never was never lucky enough to see Ben Hollioake play in person. He was immensely talented, it is truly unfortunate that we will never see his full talent realised in the grand arena of test cricket. He will be greatly missed. My condolances to his family, friends and team-mates. We mourn the loss of one so promising taken so young Jay

yo big up to u ben u did a wonderful thing for english cricket allowing youth to break through, my heart goes out to u singh

Such a tragedy.
My wife are originally from New Zealand but now live in Kansas City, Kansas, USA and wish to pass on our deepest sympathy to Bens family, friends and team mates and want them to know that a small part of Kansas City, grieves with them.
Deepest Sympathies
Tony & Annette

A tragic waste of human potential, not only on the oval, but in all areas of human endeavour. Gas man

My memory of Ben was after the Cheltenham & Gloucester Cricket Festival a few short years ago. Ben and his father an brother Adam were sitting in the same restaurant as me and my husband. It was obvious from that evening how much he and his family loved cricket and how proud their father was of both his sons. They were all perfect gentlemen. Ben will be sorely missed as there are few young cricketers who have set a better example to youngsters in England or indeed around the world. A huge talent and a terrible loss. Joanne

Parents and family member of Ben
It is simply unbelieveable! please accept my heartfelt sympathies at this tragic incident. it was a real shock to know about Ben.
May his soul rest in peace and God Almighty gives you the courage to bear this irrepearable loss.

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